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Create guild

You need he basics: 10 WOW Gold,10 accounts ,10 minutes. To be near a NPC.
Step 1: Go to a capital city, and find the location of the NPC with the tag. If you don't know where he is, ask a guard, about 'Guild Master' and you'll get his location marked on your map. When you find the NPC, ask him 'How do I form a guild', and then 'Purchase guild charter' with WOW Money and type in a name for your guild. This can be changed later, during the signatures phase.
Step 2 :Next, you need to gather 9 signatures for your guild. A signature can be done by a player's alt, but any one account can only sign the charter once. This means you need 9 separate paying WOW Gold accounts to form your guild. It's suggested that you gather these people beforehand, to save on time, and to make sure you're recruiting people you know.
Step 3 : Once you have your 9 signatures, go back to the NPC, and go 'How do I form a guild', then 'Register a guild charter'. Be sure that you've chosen the right name for your guild, with proper capitalization, as once it's registered the only way to amend the name is to reform the guild, therefore, it gives your guild more impact, and makes it look more serious. That's not to say your guild will fail without capitalization, but it's about appearance. Once you've registered your guild, it will be created, with the 9 other people who signed up, and you as Guildmaster.
Players to registered trade unions, but still remember the first World of Warcraft Gold.

How to make money

See you earn Cabal Alz RMB soldiers or civilian. The former need only to online games trading platform, direct buy Cabal Online Alz. Or sale of syrup. This requires buyers.
Well civilians. Do not want money or. Then the most stupid way. Early on rainforest trees (less chance of explosion explosion's lamp cloak). Harbor Gargoyle, Dark soldiers (blast lamp, low probability of explosion cloak). Reyna Castle mechanical cow (blast lamp, explosion defense 56 necklace, 65FB map).Then rest with the corner seal magician lion beast (seal magician blast lamp, defense 7 necklace, horn lion beast burst Magic Lamp. Both burst of white. Blue honor equipment .75 FB 85FB)
Forgotten ruins of the Griffin, the more explosive things. Cloak 6, lamp, Defense 7, reputation of the Kai, wash points, medicine, property syrup. BOSS is said to be able to play the most inside a small chance of explosion for Speed.Actually hit the lamp, white, blue and throwing equipment store. All other sales. FB tickets do not sell also, the light 65FB Magic Lamp plus a pile of at least three obsidian, 1D and honor are not of obsidian can be sold to players, as the catalyst.
As can sell these things in detail how Cabal Gold, to see how others received more, or look up a stall inside the channel more. Of course, this requires patience, but we civilians players, there is no Alz would have to rely on patient up.

Mittwoch, 1. September 2010

Make Aion gold

Many Aion players complain about how hard it is to play in Aion Kinah because they have limited ability to farm enough ,Aion Gold for what they need. The reason why they are not so confident about themselves is because they don't have the right access to an effective Aion gold guide. Actually, an Aion gold guide could be of great help to a player especially when he/she does not have clue to any Aion gold making methods and tips. If you could learn at least 1 or 2 effective Aion gold making tips, making Aion gold won't seem so hard for you any more.
This comprehensive aion gold guide gives detailed information on the most rewarding quests, good places to grind, how to make the most out of gathering crafting materials, listing which enemies drop uncommon items, and providing advice on crafting valuable items which is considered as best way for Aion Online Gold making:
1. Know where to gather materials for your raw items which could make you huge amount of Aion Gold by selling them.
2. Use both private store and Trade broker to sell your favorite items and make huge amount of Aion Gold from it.
3. Learn the secrets about every profession so you will know exactly which profession to choose when you are about to make most Aion Online Kinah from questing and grinding.

The alliance and the horde

The alliance and the horde, it's time to bury the hatchet. In order to jointly in northrend,sharing WOW Gold.
When you first arrived trek stormwind, you see, hear the music of the magnificent castle, saw sophisticated guards, you shocked. When you go to the grand marshal alliance, clap you of shoulder and said: "holy light with you!" to alliance Proud, pride, and touched your index finger pricked combing-out sphere: have I to do with you, mortal horde!
When you first came through, you see craftiest magnificent buildings, hear loud warsong gulch, see the guards, you shocked. When the tribal higher-order overseers go before you, and the shoulder clap you say: power and glory! For the horde! Excited, excited, proud of his fist you straight at the sky, I with you: union bitterest!
So, from azeroth to outland, as in the field, we will meet on short weapon meet! In the long expedition, we play, kill, unconsciously, the past two years. We are in the exhaustion of body and mind,who spent the last WOW Money of a game.The arctic horn finally. The mission is finally come!
When the union army and tribal army landed in northrend, our common should stop the war, is committed to shake hands, when one fight?The warriors, the tribe alliance hero, let us together in northrend,bring all of our World of Warcraft Gold!

Dienstag, 24. August 2010

Blade Wars Overview

"Blade Wars" is the great game of to hit MMORPG.Like Battle of the Immortals, it boasts ‘2.5D’ graphics. This means the graphics and camera view are similar to many action-RPGs.To play a good RPG, it must be equipped with certain Blade Wars Gold.
Blade Wars has fast paced gameplay with a combo system and plenty of skills. Progression is fast paced and there are plenty of quests to complete. This requires that prospective players drink better, the BladeWars Gold should be more to deal with the Situation.The five playable classes are broken down into three races.
Classes:Assassin - Quick and deadly. The ultimate trained killers. Their skills are breathtaking to watch and their weapons of choice are the Twin Blades and Twin Rings.
Knight - Skilled with Swords and Bladed weapons, Knights excel at dealing consistent damage. They are natural born leaders.
Shura - Masters of fist weapons including Claws and Cestus, Shura distinguish themselves with their use of powerful Talisman.
Warrior - Brute fighters with are well suited to use Axes and Hammers. They have high health and defense making them ideal front line soldier.s
Warlock - The primary spell casters in Blade Wars. Warlocks possess long ranged elemental attacks. They also rely on fire and lightening abilities for defense. Their weapons of choice include Staffs, Wands, and Flails.
Races - Abyssals, Humans, Immortals.
Understand these, do not Buy Blade Wars Gold, ready to play ah!

High degree of freedom

"DawnTide"Stress level of gameplay set aside the shackles of a broad view of the world with a wealth of game content, and to European and American fantasy-style characters, and real change in environmental systems day and night to attract players.The full enjoyment of the game,whenyou have Dawntide Gold.Most prominent feature of the game is known in the past that could be achieved only single degree of freedom the game, and now also was made the online game!Jufan like from the establishment of territory, construction defense, area of residence, the player can single-handedly control; and no longer need all day Causing loss of lives, just to grab the game was limited to the development of several castles.You can Buy Dawntide Gold, to provide protection for their own development.
Game set for this world is very large need for large-scale development and exploration, which is rich in resources and non-excavation of land for different faction controls, collection .Use of these resources, players are able to invent and construct for themselves or their camp, the new use or useful for trading goods and building.Although the "DawnTide" not as a general online gaming has close tips, detailed index, or the player the task of helping, but its high degree of freedom of the interface with the conduct of general well received by European and American players, you come to try to build their ownthe game world by Dawntide Online Gold!

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See you earn Cabal Alz RMB soldiers or civilian. The...
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Many Aion players complain about how hard it is to...
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The alliance and the...
The alliance and the horde, it's time to bury the hatchet....
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Blade Wars Overview
"Blade Wars" is the great game of to hit MMORPG.Like...
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